Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Today is my darling daughter's 4th birthday...where has the time gone?!?!?  Four years ago, she was this:
ALL cheeks, I kid you not.  Abby was my easiest delivery.  I remember sitting and waiting for the time to push (I was well epidural-ized and felt goooooood!) and when the time came, it only took about 25 minutes or so (which was REALLY nice after the 2 hours it took with Caleb!).  The entire time I was pushing, we were watching Wheel of Fortune and trying to solve the puzzles between contractions.  :)  Like I said, easiest delivery of all.  Then she came out...all 10 lbs 2 oz of sweet, chubby, red-haired goodness.

Abby, I love you more than you will know (I would say "ever know" but I'm confident that when you have a daughter, you will understand!) and am so thankful that God entrusted your daddy and me with your care.  You make us laugh daily!  I love how you enjoy being a girl and playing with dolls and dressing up but also want to play with your brothers' cars and trains.  Stick with your tutus and cars and don't let anyone tell you differently.

You have already grown into a beautiful little girl and I am excited to see the amazing things God has for you as you continue to grow.  My prayer for you is to constantly seek after God and strive to become the woman He has made you to be.  But for now?  Just stay my baby girl awhile longer please.


Samantha said...

Happy Birthday Abby!!!! Seriously, shelli, one of the cutest babies i've ever seen. look at those cheeks!!!!

Laurette said...

Just adorable, Shelli!! Happy Birthday Abby!
I would SAY easy delivery, omg!! My first was 36 hrs, yes, you read correctly, THIRTY SIX HOURS!!! They got easier the more I had!

Ken & Melody Ruge said...

my darling daughter...I know just how much you love Abby...just the way I love you. Did you ever even think it was this deep? And someday, Lord willing, you will know the love for a grandchild too.