Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Years from the Worgess fam. . .The past couple days haven't been too fun as little Caleb had the flu. He seems to be on the upswing now, but we'll see (we thought the same thing last night but he surprised us again this morning). You can't read his shirt fully right here, but his shirt says "Say BOO to the Flu" which I thought an appropriate shirt to wear while having the flu! Guess we should have gotten him in for a flu shot. . .we're really, REALLY hoping Aiden doesn't catch anything! OH, and in case anyone was wondering (or cared. . .) this is actually the second time he's worn this shirt in the last couple days. . .it's already been through the wash. As have three other pairs of jammies. . .woo-hoo!! Fun times. I have to say though, it really made me giggle because this morning when I was on the phone, he came wandering into the kitchen, opened the cupboard where I keep the tupperware and he grabbed out a "puke bucket" for himself. I was impressed that he did it himself! Fortunately, he is MUCH better with the bucket than he used to be. Now he actually uses it. When he was little, he'd just push it away and throw up all over (just ask my mom about that one. . .I think she changed her shirt at least four times in one night). Anyway, enough sickie stories!

While Caleb has been sick, Abby has been happy as a clam! Poor thing has had to entertain herself quite a bit, which has made for MANY laughs for Momma listening to her. This afternoon she was talking to her Care Bear and Mr. Bear about changing their pants cuz they were stinky. She makes me laugh.

This picture below was Daddy's idea, but you have to imagine that Abby's been trying to figure out a way to get Aiden in this stroller since he came home from the hospital! Poor Aiden. . .he could be in for a lifetime of stuff like this. At least he only has one big sister. . .if he were the youngest AND the only boy, well then I'm sure we'd see him in her doll dresses too.
And last but not least, here are our two bums as they watch one of their movies. Grammy and Pappy got them these bean bag chairs for Christmas, and now they think they need their "blue and purple chairs" anytime they watch a movie. The bags are a little big to keep in our living room so this requires Mommy or Daddy to bring them up and down the stairs every so often. At least they're light!
We hope everyone has a very SAFE and Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Five is the Loneliest Number. . .

Wow. . .once again a long time since a post, but as most of you know, I've been busy with other things. My dad has been very good about updating their blog with pics, so hopefully you've seen the pics of the kids while I've been "busy." My parents have been here (with a week or so off in the middle) since the day after Thanksgiving, and they just left yesterday morning (Christmas Eve) to head back south (just in time for us to have 60 degree weather this weekend!). So, the house is now down to five members, but it seems empty. :) We're SOOOOOOO thankful for all their help while they were here and they will be greatly missed! Not only for their help, but just cuz we'll miss them (especially the kids!).
So, since it's been so long, here are a ton of pictures to enjoy!
This is how the kids like to watch cartoons in the morning.
When they aren't fighting for space in mommy and daddy's bed at least.
Gee, isn't he cute? He takes after his father. . .

Our little musician. She also LOVES to sing and will just break into song wherever she is.

They both like to play with the Nativity set (or 'tivity as Abby calls it). Here, Abby had all the angels and wise men lined up. I guess they had to wait in line to get in to see baby Jesus.

Abby and new baby brother Aiden. She and Caleb both think he's kinda cool.

My mom unpacked all my old bridesmaid dresses. They are now for Abby to play dress up. This was actually the dress Mom wore for the "Culver's Prom" but she kept it with my stuff for future use. Abby sure liked it!

Caleb playing his game on Pappy's computer. He really liked his puzzle games. Of course he only wanted to play whenever Pappy would sit down to do something on the computer (which really was quite often).

Pappy asked Caleb if he wanted to help put this TV stand together. I was in the other room and this is what I kept hearing. . .Pappy: "Caleb hand me [insert part name]. Abby, you're in the way." I think Caleb was a good helper. . .Abby, not so much.

In the theme of dress up, Grammy made the kids costumes to be Mary and Joseph with Aiden as baby Jesus. It was ADORABLE!! She even taught them to sing "Away in a Manger" and they sat in their costumes and sang for us. The first picture was the dress rehearsal for Pappy and Mommy, but when it came time for the actual performance (in front of Daddy, Uncle Chris and Auntie Em) they didn't do as well. They sang the first line, then Caleb said, "my song has spots" (which means there are skips like on his DVD's). Nice.

As they were getting ready, Abby was dressed as Mary and said, "I'm Mary and you're Joseph," but Caleb said, "No, Abby, I don't have my costume on yet." After the "performance" Grammy was getting them into their clothes again, and little Caleb announced, "I'm a boy again!" Guess he knows the difference between being in character and being yourself. . .

The three kiddos together. Like I said. . .Caleb and Abby think he's kinda cool. Oh, and by the way, I promise we do comb Abby's hair everyday.

Christmas Time!!!

The first Christmas gifts were from Gran-Pappy, G-G (Great-Grammy), Uncle Rich, Miss Kerry, and Miss Marissa, Uncle Chris and Auntie Em, and Grammy and Pappy.

Miss Marissa got Caleb a sticky hand. He kept flinging it around the room and getting it stuck to packages. He thought it was pretty cool and we all got a kick out of watching him use it!And if there was ever any doubt that Abby is a princess. . .well, now those doubts will be taken care of. I present to you, Princess Abigail.And of course, every princess needs super cool sunglasses and a matching purse. Yes, this is definitely my child (at least in the way of purses. . .not the princess thing!). She received no less than four purses this year. . .and I may be missing some. :)And here they are with Auntie Em and Uncle Chris. Grammy made them matching Elmo jammies. Too cute!Grammy also made them both a pair of Michigan pants. Abby of course had to try on everything as she opened it. Here she is modeling her new Michigan pants, the purse Grammy made her (which matches Mommy's!) and the wings and headband that came with her fairy costume. She is one stylin' chic! (You can't see it, but Daddy french rolled her pants too. Tres '80's!)And here, Abby is modeling her new "jingle bell" hair thingys. These are actually perfect for her because when she sings "Jingle Bells" she shakes her whole body back and forth! Thanks Grammy for these, she loves 'em! (And see? I told you we comb her hair. . .) There were MANY more gifts from everyone listed above, but this post is long enough already without going into more!! Thank you sooooo very much to all for the fabulous gifts! The kids had a great Christmas!Three weeks and two days old. . .already found his fingers. The other two moved from finger to finger before settling on their specifics (Caleb's first two and Abby's thumb) so we're not sure if this is where he'll end up or if he'll move to other fingers/thumb. And for those that recall pictures of Caleb when he was born. . .yes, this is almost an exact replica.
Christmas Part 2: Mommy and Daddy gifts. Since Grammy, Pappy, Uncle Chris and Auntie Em left Christmas Eve morning, we were actually alone as a family for Christmas Day!!! So, we woke up (slowly) this morning and came downstairs for the kids to open their gifts from us.
Abby got this doll house, which Caleb also likes to play with. Here's another set of matching jammies made by Grammy. (And yes, I know Abby looks like a homeless street urchin.)Daddy's caption for this one. . ."Bah Humbug."Caleb got this basketball hoop that will grow with him. He's no Michael Jordan, but he's only three. . .at one point he thought he should try kicking the ball instead. Maybe sports won't be his thing. We'll see. He really likes the hoop. He especially liked it when Daddy put it up to six feet tall and lifted him up to "dunk" the ball. After they opened their gifts and played for awhile, they came in to watch "Milo and Otis" (or the cat and dog movie as Caleb calls it). Of course, Abby can be seen in yet another new outfit that she had to try on right away. Yes, it's another Michigan outfit.And last but not least, the littlest munchkin. I need to get better at labeling "Caleb" and "Aiden" in their pictures. 10 years from now it will be difficult to remember which one is which because they really do look identical at this age. The only difference, Aiden has the chicken legs while Caleb had a few more rolls. :)
We still have one more Christmas to go with the Worgess family up in Illinois (hopefully in the next week or two. . .depending on when we go up there). Phew! Christmas celebrations everywhere!!
I always say that I will post more often, but it doesn't happen. Since my parents won't be back in the area for a few months, I'm sure I'll be hearing from Dad to post sooner. . .and I will try! I'm off work for another few weeks so maybe during this time I'll have a few extra minutes. :)
We hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Fun

Caleb and the kids played out in the yard this afternoon, and he was able to get some cute pics of the kids in the leaves. Here you go!We've been loving this fall (?) weather but it looks like it might turn in the next day or so. Still warmer than up north in Chicago though! I'm ready for the cooler weather personally, but I know most people don't share that sentiment. OH, and with all that fresh air the kids got. . .little Caleb just got up from a FOUR hour nap! Wow! That's actually the third time this week since they've been going to the park during the day as well. Phew! Maybe the li'l guy's gonna have a growth spurt soon. Maybe not. :)
Oh, and here's what happens when you get to go to Target with Daddy. Funky Moose ears!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally. . .

I'm going to change the title of the blog to "The Worgess Family Monthly Update." Toooo much going on but it's all fun (mostly) and I'm sure with the baby coming in the next month or so, things will just automatically get easier! (HA!)

Anyway, over the last month we sold our house, lived in a hotel for a week (not necessarily what I call fun with two toddlers, but they did pretty well) moved into our new house (still loads to unpack, but hey, I'm pregnant), and not to mention Caleb and I worked the whole time. Without further ado, here's some pictures to enjoy. . .

First of all a HUGE thank you to Uncle Rick for the HUGE play house for the kids! When he called me to tell me he wanted to send a pop-up playhouse, I had no idea the size. . .it takes up our entire dining room right now! The kids LOVE it! Little Caleb doesn't like that I call it a "play" house, and corrects me everytime. . ."it's my HOUSE mom!" Got it.

The "house" came with a pop up fridge, stove and toy chest. Little Caleb did point out that there was no table to go with it. We told him we'd put his other table in there, and he thought that would do. And this isn't just a regular box. . .it is a two room house. Little Caleb keeps asking to sleep in there and we haven't let him yet, but if I can convince Daddy to sleep with him maybe we will.

A couple weeks ago, Miss Teaki (the kids' sitter during the week) decided to make homemade pizza with them. They both got a kick out of spreading the dough (although Caleb kept taking pieces and eating it).
Our church parking lot was the site for a car show a couple weeks ago, so we took the kids to walk around. I'm not a big car person, but Caleb and the kids both liked it. Little Caleb thought this one was the best one. . .he likes Monster Trucks. This is him and his friend Ben.
Here's some other cars. . .don't ask me what they are. . .I just think they're cute. Oh, and they had an Indy Race Car there (kinda big around here for some reason :) ) and the Colts info trailer (again, kinda big around here).
Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Little Caleb was a fireman and Abby was an adorable little Minnie Mouse (or Me Mouse as she says).

The kids went trick or treating in our neighborhood for a little while, then we headed over to church where there was a "harvest bash." Here's Abby in one of the bounce houses. She seems to like it, but she doesn't get up and jump. She just likes to stay on her knees or behind and let those jumping around her move her around. They also had games set up all over the indoor soccer field for the kids to enjoy. Little Caleb liked this one where there was a plastic wheelbarrow that you had to race from one end to the other. He even took off his fireman's jacket to do it (quite surprising considering how attached he is to the costume). Also, you'll notice Abby has lost the ears. . .the surprising thing about her was she left the gloves on ALL NIGHT! She got her costume on about 6:00pm and didn't take the gloves off at all until it was jammie time about 8:45 that night. This is the same child that can't keep her shoes on in the car for more than 5 minutes.
Even Daddy got in on the fun. . .I like this pic! :)
And one last random pic. Last week Abby came into the office with me one morning and wanted to sit next to me as I worked. Too cute to pass up a pic and it's a good thing the camera was right there.
I always say I'll post more often, but who knows if that will happen or not. I'm down to five weeks from d-day. . .once the baby comes if anything, I know my parents will update their blog with MANY pictures of the kids. :)