Thursday, January 10, 2008

Waterfront Property. . .

The kitchen is finally put together. Just for the record, we have a new rule. . ."he who buys the toys. . .puts them together." The train table wasn't too bad, but this durn kitchen. . .I even broke a nail! Oh well, the kids are really enjoying it. When we get home from being out somewhere, li'l guy will say, "I wanna cook." He is enjoying the grill side the most (good call Grammy!) as he can flip his cheeseburger just like Daddy does. This picture below was from the first morning we had it set up. . .Abby was so excited she came out before she had clothes on. Sorry for the naked baby. . . I'm thinkin' the kids are definitely watching what Caleb and I do. Both kids like to pour coffee in the cups, then they'll put the cup in the little microwave. Hmmm, where'd they learn that? Oh, and did I mention this thing makes noises too?? Yeah, not only did I break a nail, but it's just one more toy that talks. That's ok though, once again, the kids really like it.
Here's li'l guy trying to see through the kitchen window. OH, and we are definitely on the lookout for another chef's hat. This only came with one, but both kids like to wear it. I thought I had a picture of Abby with it on too, but I guess not.
Then one morning I grabbed the camera, and li'l guy even came running, "Pictures! Cheeeeeeese." Then just as the picture was about to take, he took off. . .hence the picture below. Caleb really like's my parents' new camera, so I have a feeling that will be one of our next big purchases (long way down the road, but still). Our camera has been faithful for over 5 1/2 years, but those SLR (?? I'm not the techie of the family, but I think that's what it is) cameras are definitely nice! Especially with kids that don't sit still long. :)
So this crazy Spring-like weather in January? Not really a big fan. The one day was nice (I even got the flip flops out for a couple days) but then the rains came. . .and the rains came down and the floods came up. Grrrr. Hence, the Waterfront Property. Who knew we lived on a lake! :) Oh well. It did the same thing last year (not in January of course) and we're somewhat used to the little mosquito breeding grounds. The water is receding and we'll be back to normal in another day or two (barring any additional rain). Then again, if it stayed for awhile and we finally got some normal weather, maybe we could go ice skating??

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