Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry New Year!

Wow. . .where did the time go??? January 1, 2008??? Ugh. Time flies when you're having run, right? Right! So, for New Year's Eve, we just went out to dinner as a family and then came home and crashed! It was WONDERFUL!!!! We've been on the go for a while now, and it was nice to sit and do nothing, together. :) Here's a picture of Abby right before we left to get dinner. She was sitting on our bed and climbed over up against the pillows, pulled the blanket up and was ready to just watch some TV. It was cute. :)And of course, today was the big day. . .the Michigan game. Of course, Caleb took the kids right away this morning to get them dressed and ready for the game. . .then he came out to do his ceremonial (kind of) Playstation game (he likes to gear up for football games by playing his Playstation football game and making sure Michigan beats any team they go up against . . . so he set up and played Florida). Anyway, he walked away for a minute, I walked into the living room and this is what I saw. . .Abby looked like she was trying to play the game. The funnier part (and I wish I would have had the video camera out) was when the game started playing "Hail to the Victors" she started smiling and dancing. It was really cute!
After the Playstation, the pre-game ceremony included putting together the "Thomas the Tank Engine Table" (as li'l guy calls it whenever he talks about it). Li'l Caleb was so excited about this and he played with his trains alllllll day.
He even let Abby play with him (a little). She doesn't like to play with the trains so much as the table is right at her level. No, we haven't put the kitchen up yet as we're trying to figure out where to put it. The kids are definitely waiting for it though!!!
Well, it's been fun while it lasted, but the vacation is now ending and tomorrow it's back to work. Back to reality. Happy New Year!

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