Friday, February 8, 2008

Lake Worgess

Hello! Nothing too big to report, but I thought I'd share a few cute pics of the kids. Grammy and Pappy were here this week and took them to the Children's Museum, but I don't have any of those pics. . .check their blog to see if they post any. The kids had a BLAST this week and it was hard to see Grammy and Pappy leave (li'l guy's lower lip was trembling pretty good, but he got over it quickly).

This picture of Caleb was what we saw when we walked into the living room one day. He had dumped out all the food from it's bin (all the plastic food they got for Christmas that came in its own handy-dandy carrying case. . .great pick Auntie Em!!) and decided to try sitting in it. He did fit (maybe not that surprising, it is a big bin) and was enjoying himself immensely. See the red thing in the bin with him? That's his Elmo/Cookie Monster magnadoodle. . .he has started carrying it everywhere with him. He'll come up to us, "What you want for dinner, Mommy?" Then he'll "write" down whatever we tell him. He really looks just like a little waiter (yes, we do eat out too often!) and it makes us laugh.

Abby is learning lots of new words and she continues to make us laugh as well. Here's a picture of her after coming home from the store with Daddy the other day. She had stopped in the garage and picked up Caleb's bicycle helmet. . .it fit her over her hood. Safety first right? Or as Chris would say, "Safety. . .it doesn't suck." (Yes, he told me to use that phrase years ago when we had a safety sticker contest at the plant. . .this is why he isn't in HR.)

So, some of the words she now says are "shoes" (yes, one of Caleb's first words too), baby, chair, juice, and the usual Mama and Dada. She's quite good at the jibberish thing too. She can sit and talk for hours and not really make one bit of sense. :)

So, why the title? Well, while everyone north of I-70 (about a 1/2 hour north of here) is getting HAMMERED with snow, we here in "the south" have just had rain, rain, and more rain. Hence, we now live on Lake Worgess. If it would hurry up and freeze we could probably do a little ice skating, but it's still supposed to be in the upper 40's tomorrow again. I have to admit. . .I miss the snow! And the kids are missing out on some great times playing in the snow and sledding. THIS is not winter. 2 hour school delay because it's 15 degrees outside??? HELLO? Yeah, welcome to the south.


The Nordgren Family said...

I have to admit, I'm SO jealous that all you're gettin' is rain! We were in Indianapolis for the Culver's Reunion last week and really enjoyed the 40's. Now back in IL, we have 14 inches of snow and we're supposed to be getting some major wind chills tonight. Ugh. I am SO ready for spring! :)

Judy said...

So you have water - lots of water. We had lots of rain a couple days ago here in Michigan which helped to melt about 6 of our 18 inches of snow! It's snowing so hard horizontally at the moment that you can hardly see across the lake - the FROZEN lake. Love your pics and comments guys!! Love - Aunt Judy