Monday, February 25, 2008

So, Dad. . .

It's been a little bit since I last posted. . .but nothing TOOO huge has happened (and there haven't really been any new pics of the kids). This past weekend we did go to the Children's Museum in Indy (GREAT place!!).

Here's a pic of Abby just hangin' with Daddy. This was in the special exhibit for Curious George, but she wasn't too fond of all the other kids in her way. She preferred sticking with Daddy.
Caleb, on the other hand, didn't care how many other kids were running around him. . .he took off. This pic is one of the set ups they had (they were supposed to stack the blocks, then move the lights to show the different shadows). He didn't quite get it, but he thought it was fun to turn the wheel. :)
We also had to go up and play in the play areas (Caleb once again loved playing in the food area). We thought he looked like a little Culver's kid. . .he put on one of the aprons, and was carrying a tray with three bowls of ice cream. :) Just like his Pappy.

Well, Aunt Judy, this next pic is for you. This is what happens when the news media gets all hyped up about a winter storm. . .yeah, there's a dusting of snow (but those HUGE floods we had in the back. . .GREAT ice skating ponds!). Would you believe they delayed school for 2 hours!?!?!? Yeah, they did. We did end up getting more snow (FINALLY) late last week, but it's almost all gone already. We are coming to realize more and more that we don't live in the north anymore.

Here's a little pic of Abby from tonight. . .don't mind the funky-dunky hair. This is basically as good as it gets after a long day of playing with a decent nap in between. She is getting so big (maybe not size-wise) and I cannot believe how fast it's going. You'd think with her being number two that we'd be used to the quickness of turning into a toddler, but it's still flying by. She's saying a few words here and there, and she's very good about shaking her head "yes" or "no" when you ask her a question ("Abby, are you poopin'?" --nodding, yes with a big smile).
And li'l Caleb. . .wow. Who said the two's were terrible??? They must not have allowed their child to make it to three. The boy really knows how to test mommy and daddy. He's still a month or so away from three, and we are praying this is just the tail end of the terrible twos and it'll click and the halo will move into place. Maybe??? Ok, probably not, but one can hope. I'm sure he's no different than any other two-three year old. He is quite funny though. . .just last night he and I were at Wal-Mart and as I was paying for the groceries, I look over. . .there he is, sitting in the cart with his hands folded, and his head leaned back as he's looking into the ceiling. He says, "Thank you God for listening to my prayers." Not sure where it came from, but apparently he felt the urge to pray right then and there. It just sounded funny out of nowhere. OH, and speaking of prayers, Uncle Chris and Auntie Em. . .he still prays for kitty cat first. Not sure if there has every been more prayers for a CAT than now. :)
Oh, and the title of this post. The newest thing from li'l Caleb is to come up to either Caleb or me and say, "So, Dad? [insert comment]." Caleb has decided the li'l guy is going to be a talk show host. We used to say he was going to be a televangelist (that was after grabbing Caleb's wallet and saying "Bible?" but now I think he's moved on. Ah, the joys of raising children! They'll either keep me young (sooooo much laughter!) or make me old before my time (I don't THINK i've found a gray hair yet) but either way, GOTTA LOVE 'EM!!

Well, I kinda lied too. . .there has been some big news. In case you haven't heard, Caleb was offered a full time position at the church we've been attending!!! He's been working on a contract basis for the last few months, and they just hired him on effective March 1st to be the Pastor of Adult Ministries! He's very excited about the role, and it'll allow him to keep doing what he's been doing (which he really enjoys) and also bring other duties as well. Thanks to EVERYONE who sent up a prayer on our behalf!! We're both very excited, and once again, are in AWE of the AWESOMENESS of God!


Leann said...

Congrats again! I love the new pics of the kids!

Judy said...

Shelli, you made me chuckle with your pics of the 'skating pond'!! Thank you lots! So glad you've been finally getting a 'feel' of the tundra north. A little different from WI huh. Our lake is still completely frozen with guys ice fishing. This has to be the latest the lake has remained frozen. It was so weird yesterday as I was out picking up branches as it was 54 and not see water.

Praise to God for Caleb's hire!! And he loves what he's doing!!

What a beautiful head of hair Abby has!

Continuing in prayer for Diana. She sure didn't have a very happy birthday did she.

Love and prayers, Aunt Judy

The Kings said...

Congratulations on Caleb's new job! I can't believe how fast your kids are growing up either...I miss seeing them once in a many changes!

Love, Debbie