Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Boy and more. . .

First, yes, it's been awhile. . .here are a couple pics from our one and only big snow of the year. Little Caleb was so confused with the white stuff he thought he'd try to use the lawn mower (ok, not really, he does know what snow is. . .we just had basically nothing down here). Then there's Abby, who really resembles that kid from The Christmas Story (can't remember his name). She couldn't move very well all bundled up.
Here's a picture from Easter. . .don't they look cute? And I wonder why people always ask us if they are twins. . .
Abby proceeded to put on my winter hat and one of daddy's gloves. Apparently I should have bought the Easter hat and little white gloves for our dainty girl. Momma didn't get the memo I guess.
And speaking of dainty. . .here's "Daddy's Little Princess" after consuming not one, but TWO peanut butter/chocolate bars. A couple weeks ago I went to Georgia with the kiddos for a couple days to visit my relatives. Gran-Pappy and GiGi, Kerry, Rich and Marissa (or 'Rissa as Caleb says) were all on hand to spoil the kids. Then my parents flew in for a couple days as well. Can we say SPOILED?? Yes they are, but hey, so was I. :)Miss Kerry, Mr Rich and 'Rissa had easter baskets for the kids and little Caleb's had these funky glasses. He wouldn't let us take a picture of him with them on, but Abby sure liked them. Such the little fashionista. . .already wearing heels with jeans. While we were in Georgia, Miss Kerry and 'Rissa took the kids to Chucky "Disease" for their first experience. They both had a blast! Marissa helped little Caleb climb up the big tower/play set and he crawled all over the place. Here's a picture of Abby chattin' with her driving partner. :)Abby has mastered the word "no" and this is the expression that goes along with it. Nice 'eh? (and yes, if it seems like we have more pictures of Abby, we do. Caleb has learned to run away when the camera comes out, but Abby seems to not mind still.) And now, for the big birthday boy!!! My li'l guy turned 3 today. I cannot believe he's already 3! Seems like just yesterday I was going to the hospital and waiting for our firstborn to come! Ok, not really cuz A LOT has happened since then, but it really does feel like time has flown by!

Here he is as we're singing Happy Birthday to him. (No, I didn't make the cake.) He knew just what to do. . .we sang and then right away he blew out his candles. Such a big boy!The frosting left a lasting impression. . .he seemed to like it though.Abby REALLY liked it! She ate every last piece. Much cleaner than her own birthday, but still could use some work. . .Time to open presents. We had taken him to the store yesterday and let him get a couple more train cars, so I didn't wrap those, but he also got some "Cars" figurines to play with. . .he's been playing with them for the last couple hours since he opened them, so I think he liked them. :)

Here he is with all the cars lined up in front of him. Abby had already swiped one and was contemplating how to grab another without getting whacked in the head by the birthday boy. Time is flying and both kids are getting so big. Now if only Mr. Big Birthday Boy would FINALLY decide he'd like to be potty trained. . .ugh.


Leann said...

Adorable! About time you showed me those Easter pics...just joking with ya.


The Kings said...

I can't believe how big your kids are seems like just yesterday you were still "a kid". I guess time just flies by when you're having fun...and it looks like you are! Give the Caleb and Abby an extra hug for me.

Love, Deb