Thursday, March 27, 2008

Video Attempt

It's been a month. . .oops. I do have some pics to upload as well, but they're still on the camera and I wanted to get this out there to see if it works. Caleb has a new laptop (he went to the darkside and got a Mac. . .but that's what he has to use at work so I guess it's ok) and it has this cute little camera thingy in it. He tried out the video this morning with Abby. Hope it works!! Pay no attention to Abby's hair. . .talk about some major bedhead. . .then again, it really does look like that most days anyway. Ahh, the curse of the curly hair. :)

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Judy said...

Shelli you're a GEM!! I did check the video out on Sat, and then got your surprise pics today!! Your video attempt with the camera 'thingy' is great, in spite of the fact that Caleb went to the 'dark-side'! I guess we won't hold that against him. What a cute giggle Abby has! Thank you so much for thinking of us and keeping in touch!!

Aunt Judy