Thursday, July 17, 2008

They Grow So Fast

My little guy is getting big already. Maybe not in size, but at least in age. The county fair was here a couple weeks ago, so we went to see if he'd try any of the rides. Unfortunately, the "little" guy was only 36" and could only go on two of the rides himself (and I wasn't about to get on a ride with him. . .my big belly wouldn't have fit in those little things). He loved it though!

Here he is on the dinosaur ride. Go figure, he has his fingers in his mouth. :) After the dinosaur ride it was time to take a ride on the train (of course!). He really liked that one. Everytime he'd come around he'd wave and try to point out something on the train. They also had little boats, but you had to be 42" to go on those so he couldn't. He kept trying to tell us he was getting bigger and taller so he could go on them. Um, yeah, doesn't work that way. . .
The kids LOVE to play together, and since they're a little older now we just let them play on their own sometimes. This is what happens when we leave them alone for a little too long. . .they had pulled one of the drawers out of Caleb's dresser and were both sitting in it. They had also pulled all the towels out of the bottom drawer and were trying to "hide" under them. Ah, at least they're cute.
And last, but CERTAINLY not least (and maybe mommy's favorite). . .both kids are on their way to potty training. (YAHOO!!!) Little Caleb is much farther along than Abby, but this morning Caleb put underpants on Abby for the first time since she did go potty this morning. I thought it was a perfect photo op. We know the road is still quite long until they're both out of diapers, but if we could get them both done before #3 makes an appearance??? Well, I'd be one happy Momma!
OH, another cute story for the week. . .Abby has finally started saying Caleb's name. For the longest time it's been "brother" or "buddy" which really came out kind of like "budder" or "brudder." This past weekend she started saying "Caleb" but it sometimes comes out as "Cabub" which sounds REALLY cute in her little Abby accent! If you ask her to go get her brother, she'll start running through the house yelling "Cabub! Cabub!" Makes us laugh.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. We hope to see more pics. Cabub is cute. LOL

Grammy & Pappy

The Voice from Shelbyville said...

Love the last pic! It's just as cute as you said it was!