Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yes, I know, it's been awhile (again!)

Yes, it's been awhile yet again, but there's been LOADS of stuff going on in this house. But, since my dad is leaving the country for a few weeks, I thought I'd put some pics up for him before he leaves.

Caleb's favorite place to watch his DVD's.
And Abby's favorite place to watch DVD's. . .fortunately, they don't tend to want to use the chair at the same time.
Abby starting to prepare for the runway. . .uh oh.
This is how the kids watch the DVD together. Of course you must wear your lobster and shark hat while watching.
"This is how Daddy washes my hair...grrrrrrr."
The kids like to stand behind this table and pretend they are working at a restaurant. Caleb will say "What you want, Mommy?" and then he'll bring me a cheeseburger. :)
Abby in her goldwing shirt. We celebrated Abby's birthday a couple weeks early so Pappy could be here for the cake. Here she is with the adorable "Abby Cadaby" cake that Grammy made for her!
Poor li'l guy. . .I made him wear the pink bib. He's waiting quite patiently for his piece of Abby's cake.
Abby showing off one of the pillow shams from the bedding set Grammy made for her birthday!! Abby went straight from the crib to a queen size bed, and there just isn't much "toddler" bedding for that size of a bed. So, Grammy made stuff for her! There is a quilt, two shams, two pillowcases, a bed skirt and a valance!! She has a pretty amazing Grammy!!!
Caleb was all excited to get to share it with her. Oh, and Grammy actually made this whole ensemble in about two weeks. All while helping us pack our house!!
Here is yet one more way the kids like to watch their DVD's. It's a good thing they like each other. . .
And one last picture of Abby cuz she's just too darn cute!!

Well, there's the pictures. We're kind of in limbo right now. . .we finally sold our house here in Shelbyville and will be moving to Greenwood. . .but the house that we made an offer on is a short sale which means we are at the mercy of the seller's bank to approve the offer. We made the offer Labor Day weekend and still do not have confirmation yet. Unfortunately, we closed on our house here on Wednesday and have until next Wednesday (24th) to be out of the house. Sooooo, we'll probably end up in a hotel for a few days, but we're hopeful that the bank will approve the offer and we'll be able to close by the end of this week. We'll see. At this point we're almost packed and are REALLY indebted to my parents!! My mom is still here and helping us pack and clean everything. Dad stayed for a couple weeks and helped us fix some stuff around this house and of course enjoyed spending time with the kids (and they were a little spoiled to get to see him everyday).

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll be able to post again within the next two months!! ;)


The Kings said...

Loved the pictures of the kids...I can't believe how cute your little Abbie is...and that red hair, it's adorable. I'm also anxious to hear how you're doin'...moving while pregnant can't be easy!

Leann said...

If I remember correctly that last picture was taken after a very "rough" morning that ended with Abster sleeping on the couch with me. Well, at least she's cute!:) I miss you guys!