Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Fun

Caleb and the kids played out in the yard this afternoon, and he was able to get some cute pics of the kids in the leaves. Here you go!We've been loving this fall (?) weather but it looks like it might turn in the next day or so. Still warmer than up north in Chicago though! I'm ready for the cooler weather personally, but I know most people don't share that sentiment. OH, and with all that fresh air the kids got. . .little Caleb just got up from a FOUR hour nap! Wow! That's actually the third time this week since they've been going to the park during the day as well. Phew! Maybe the li'l guy's gonna have a growth spurt soon. Maybe not. :)
Oh, and here's what happens when you get to go to Target with Daddy. Funky Moose ears!

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Leann said...

Yay! More pictures. Two posts in one month. I'm impressed. I'm not doing that well either so I can't say much. Have ya started the book? I thought it was pretty good. Miss seeing you guys.