Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally. . .

I'm going to change the title of the blog to "The Worgess Family Monthly Update." Toooo much going on but it's all fun (mostly) and I'm sure with the baby coming in the next month or so, things will just automatically get easier! (HA!)

Anyway, over the last month we sold our house, lived in a hotel for a week (not necessarily what I call fun with two toddlers, but they did pretty well) moved into our new house (still loads to unpack, but hey, I'm pregnant), and not to mention Caleb and I worked the whole time. Without further ado, here's some pictures to enjoy. . .

First of all a HUGE thank you to Uncle Rick for the HUGE play house for the kids! When he called me to tell me he wanted to send a pop-up playhouse, I had no idea the size. . .it takes up our entire dining room right now! The kids LOVE it! Little Caleb doesn't like that I call it a "play" house, and corrects me everytime. . ."it's my HOUSE mom!" Got it.

The "house" came with a pop up fridge, stove and toy chest. Little Caleb did point out that there was no table to go with it. We told him we'd put his other table in there, and he thought that would do. And this isn't just a regular box. . .it is a two room house. Little Caleb keeps asking to sleep in there and we haven't let him yet, but if I can convince Daddy to sleep with him maybe we will.

A couple weeks ago, Miss Teaki (the kids' sitter during the week) decided to make homemade pizza with them. They both got a kick out of spreading the dough (although Caleb kept taking pieces and eating it).
Our church parking lot was the site for a car show a couple weeks ago, so we took the kids to walk around. I'm not a big car person, but Caleb and the kids both liked it. Little Caleb thought this one was the best one. . .he likes Monster Trucks. This is him and his friend Ben.
Here's some other cars. . .don't ask me what they are. . .I just think they're cute. Oh, and they had an Indy Race Car there (kinda big around here for some reason :) ) and the Colts info trailer (again, kinda big around here).
Halloween was a lot of fun this year. Little Caleb was a fireman and Abby was an adorable little Minnie Mouse (or Me Mouse as she says).

The kids went trick or treating in our neighborhood for a little while, then we headed over to church where there was a "harvest bash." Here's Abby in one of the bounce houses. She seems to like it, but she doesn't get up and jump. She just likes to stay on her knees or behind and let those jumping around her move her around. They also had games set up all over the indoor soccer field for the kids to enjoy. Little Caleb liked this one where there was a plastic wheelbarrow that you had to race from one end to the other. He even took off his fireman's jacket to do it (quite surprising considering how attached he is to the costume). Also, you'll notice Abby has lost the ears. . .the surprising thing about her was she left the gloves on ALL NIGHT! She got her costume on about 6:00pm and didn't take the gloves off at all until it was jammie time about 8:45 that night. This is the same child that can't keep her shoes on in the car for more than 5 minutes.
Even Daddy got in on the fun. . .I like this pic! :)
And one last random pic. Last week Abby came into the office with me one morning and wanted to sit next to me as I worked. Too cute to pass up a pic and it's a good thing the camera was right there.
I always say I'll post more often, but who knows if that will happen or not. I'm down to five weeks from d-day. . .once the baby comes if anything, I know my parents will update their blog with MANY pictures of the kids. :)


Anonymous said...

If you did less, more often, it won't take as long. Thanks though-daddy

The Nordgren Family said...

What adorable costumes!!! I can't believe you do any blogging at all, with the move and pregnancy and all... don't beat yourself up about it. :) That playhouse is quite amazing - but isn't it supposed to be outdoors?!?!? It looks like it takes up YOUR whole house! ;)

Leann said...

Love, love, love the costumes. I bet Abby had more fun since she could walk this year. I remember last year. Where does the time go? Haha.