Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Years from the Worgess fam. . .The past couple days haven't been too fun as little Caleb had the flu. He seems to be on the upswing now, but we'll see (we thought the same thing last night but he surprised us again this morning). You can't read his shirt fully right here, but his shirt says "Say BOO to the Flu" which I thought an appropriate shirt to wear while having the flu! Guess we should have gotten him in for a flu shot. . .we're really, REALLY hoping Aiden doesn't catch anything! OH, and in case anyone was wondering (or cared. . .) this is actually the second time he's worn this shirt in the last couple days. . .it's already been through the wash. As have three other pairs of jammies. . .woo-hoo!! Fun times. I have to say though, it really made me giggle because this morning when I was on the phone, he came wandering into the kitchen, opened the cupboard where I keep the tupperware and he grabbed out a "puke bucket" for himself. I was impressed that he did it himself! Fortunately, he is MUCH better with the bucket than he used to be. Now he actually uses it. When he was little, he'd just push it away and throw up all over (just ask my mom about that one. . .I think she changed her shirt at least four times in one night). Anyway, enough sickie stories!

While Caleb has been sick, Abby has been happy as a clam! Poor thing has had to entertain herself quite a bit, which has made for MANY laughs for Momma listening to her. This afternoon she was talking to her Care Bear and Mr. Bear about changing their pants cuz they were stinky. She makes me laugh.

This picture below was Daddy's idea, but you have to imagine that Abby's been trying to figure out a way to get Aiden in this stroller since he came home from the hospital! Poor Aiden. . .he could be in for a lifetime of stuff like this. At least he only has one big sister. . .if he were the youngest AND the only boy, well then I'm sure we'd see him in her doll dresses too.
And last but not least, here are our two bums as they watch one of their movies. Grammy and Pappy got them these bean bag chairs for Christmas, and now they think they need their "blue and purple chairs" anytime they watch a movie. The bags are a little big to keep in our living room so this requires Mommy or Daddy to bring them up and down the stairs every so often. At least they're light!
We hope everyone has a very SAFE and Happy New Year!!


Mom said...

What do you mean, "she might put him in her dollclothes"...Caleb might put Aiden in doll clothes! We are so sad that the little guy is sick. Did the doc put him on pedialite or something for dehydration?

Abby is adorable pushing Aiden around...probably didn't get to push him far though?

Had a party last night but came home around 11. We stayed up til 12 but then it was lights out. Didn't get up til 9:30. Don't know how we are going to adjust to 6am mornings come Monday.

Judy said...

Sounds like your post-New Year festivities weren't fun either huh! Sure hope EVERYONE is finally feelin' fine.

So glad you chose this avenue to keep in touch. The kids pics are wonderful and so great to see baby Aiden fitting in so well!!

Aunt Judy