Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow!! (Finally. . .)

When we were moving down here a couple years ago, everyone was telling us the winters here were very similar to Chicago. We have yet to experience that! This year and even last winter, we keep hearing about snowfall, after snowfall, after snowfall. . .but nothing here. Until this week, when we FINALLY got some snow! We actually got around 8 or 9" which was quite a hit considering we had only had a dusting (and I truly mean barely a dusting) previously this year.

So, everything was basically closed on Wednesday (they don't have many snowplows around here!) so Caleb got to stay home and play in the snow with the kids. (Note: that's the one negative about working from home. . .no "I'm snowed in" excuse. :) That's ok though, I'll take the positives over the negatives!)

The kids did not get new snow pants this year (good thing we didn't spend money on something for only a couple uses!) but the ones from last year still fit (basically at least. . .a little short and getting pretty tight, but that's ok they still work!) The only reason I point that out is if you've remember pics from last winter. . .yes, they are wearing the same stuff. :)

Here is poor Abby. She had a hard time walking and ended up laying in the snow most of the time. Once Caleb was able to shovel the sidewalk and driveway a little, she was more mobile.

Here she is again. Assume the position.
Trying to decide if she should venture out from the door or not. This was prior to the sidewalk getting shoveled.

Caleb didn't seem to have much trouble. He just started walking out. . .kept getting stuck, but at least he could stand!

This is prior to actually getting outside. Abby still reminds me of the kid from "The Christmas Story" that can't walk in his suit.

And of course I need to include a picture of baby Aiden! He's doing very well (except for an ear infection in both ears. . .) and is now 13lbs and 23 1/2" long. He had his two month check up on Friday and the little chubber is doing fine. :)
Just this week he started smiling and it's very cute! He has a little dimple up close to his mouth (along with a normal cheeky dimple) and I hope he keeps them both! He also surprised us Friday night and slept from about 9pm until 5:30! That was nice! Saturday night wasn't as long, but he still went from 9pm until 3am (but now I can't get back to sleep, hence updating the blog at 4am!) which is not bad either. We'll keep at it!

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