Thursday, April 30, 2009


Time for some new pics. I'm trying to beat the e-mail from my dad demanding, I mean asking politely, for more pics of the kids. ;)

For some reason I'm not able to move my pics around, so these will be a little out of order. Here's the three cuties all together. This hasn't happened much yet, but it turned out cute.

Little Caleb likes to hold Aiden and he's actually getting much better about not pushing him away after a couple seconds! Abby's not so good at it yet, but she's only two. Can't expect too much, right?
Here's our little soccer stud. Last week wasn't the greatest (I think he stood on the field and as the ball was kicked past him, he'd watch it go, then decide to run after everyone), but we're thinking this weekend might be better. It's been raining off and on for a couple days, so we figure there'll be some mud on the field and THEN he might get back into it. :) Note to self: take extra clothes for the trip home this time.
For anyone that isn't aware, my parents are currently in Nairobi, Kenya helping out with a construction project and working in the office (can you figure out which one is doing which job?). Thanks to a wonderful program called Skype, we are able to talk to them on the phone, over the computer for FREE! Yeah, that's right. With my new frugal self (or at least attempting to be frugal) free is pretty darn great. Not to mention if Skype wasn't around, we'd be having to wait 8 weeks to talk to them and I don't like that plan either. SO, back to the pictures. . .here's a picture of little Caleb talking on the "phone" to Pappy and Grammy.
And here's one of Abby talking to them. The headset is a little big for her, so I had to hold it up for her.
Here's a picture of Aiden in his highchair. He's eating cereal twice a day now and really likes it. We tried green beans for the first time yesterday and he wasn't as fond of those, but he'll get there! (Don't ya love the bib?? That came from Grammy and Pappy's travels and it just cracks me up everytime I see it!)
Here he is with his froggy too. This came in his Easter basket and he likes to stuff it in his mouth. Frog legs anyone?
Here's Abby at Caleb's last game. It was a pretty windy day so she wasn't too thrilled about it. She does enjoy sitting and watching the games though!
That's all for now. Caleb and I are excited as tonight we are going to a banquet for the area crisis pregnancy center. Not only is this an area we both feel strongly about supporting, the keynote speaker is Mike Huckabee. I'm not really into politics, but we did like A LOT that he said during the campaigns last year. Should be a great night!

OH, and for the coupon haters (or those that just don't get it yet--which was me just a month or so ago) I went to CVS yesterday and spent $0.90 plus tax. . .my total prior to handing over the coupons was almost $24. So yeah, I forked over a TOTAL of $1.90 (darn tax!) in cash AND came away with $5 in CVS bucks to spend at a later date. :) I'm liking this couponing stuff.

Oh oh oh, I also heard a HILARIOUS story this weekend. In our small group we've been going through the book Shepherding a Child's Heart and have had many discussions about spanking. Well, someone brought up a story about a friend of theirs. . .when said friend was growing up the mom called her wooden spoons "hearing aids" and would carry one in her purse. If said child was acting up in the store, mom would say, "do I need to get out the hearing aids?" CRACKED ME UP!!! We all laugh (now at least) about our own parents carrying a wooden spoon with them, in the car, in their purse, whatever but I had never heard them called "hearing aids" before, and well, it really is quite fitting. :)

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