Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Lazy Days of Summer

Well, once again, it's been forever, but I won't apologize. Lots going on and just haven't made it a priority (sorry! oops. . .guess I did apologize). The kids continue to grow an learn and make us laugh constantly! It's fun to listen to them and their imaginations! Tonight, Abby was leading little Caleb around the house by his t-shirt while he was barking like a dog. See, like I always say, who needs a dog when you have kids!!

A couple weeks ago I was out shopping and I became one of THOSE moms! You know the kind. . .the kind that insists upon dressing their kids alike all the time. . .well, I used to think it was cheesy, but NO MORE!!! My boys are TOO cute in their matching muscle shirts. :)Of course we had to get a picture with all three, and Abby's starting to stick out a little bit (ya know, since she doesn't match and all. . .) Don't you wonder what Aiden must be thinking? (probably "make momma take this shirt off of me!!! I'm an individual not a twin!!")
Like I said before, the kids are getting bigger all the time, and here's proof. . .Aiden is sitting up on his own and is rolling/inching all over the place! He's been rolling for awhile, but now he'll cross the entire room if we leave him alone. At his 6 month check up he was 19lbs 4oz. Yeah, getting bigger!
This week we bought little Caleb a booster seat to use since Aiden is ready to move into a bigger car seat (or should I say WE are done carrying him in the other one! Phew, that boy's heavy!). With the booster seat comes the ability for them to ride in Daddy's car and that was all little Caleb could talk about for about 12 hours until he had the chance to actually go for a ride. Daddy decided to start a new tradition and he took little Caleb to lunch on Monday and Abby to lunch on Tuesday. They got to ride in Daddy's car in the booster seat and both were SOOOO excited!!! Here's pictures from each day:

Last week, my parents came for a visit for a few days. They just returned from Africa, and of course they had some goodies for the kids. The safari hat was for little Caleb, but Aiden sure looks cute in it too. :)
My dad got in some good cuddle time with kiddos, and everyone was sad to see them go again. They're headed west now for a two month jaunt around the mountains.
Went shopping for a bit with my parents and they let the kids each pick out a couple outfits. Being THAT mom, of course I had to pick out a matching shirt and shorts for Aiden! The outfit on Abby was brought back from Africa and she loves it. . .she struts around all proud and likes to play with the beads.

We also set up the pool on our back porch to give the kids another place to play. They've enjoyed it quite a bit already!
That's all for now. . .I'm still on the coupon kick and am really enjoying it! Caleb still thinks I'm odd, but that really hasn't changed much in 7 years. :) He still loves me so that's what matters. hee hee. What a guy! Oh, and here's one last one of the littlest cutie. . .

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