Monday, December 21, 2009


Had this in my saved posts and decided to go ahead and post it...almost a month later. :) Funny, I think He's still trying to help me remember this. :)

So, just this morning I was out catching up on a couple blogs and two of them, one right after another, wrote about God's love for us...that He loves us more than we know and that he thinks about us at least 70 trillion times a second (someone else did the math...not me. :) ). Hmmmmm, do you think He was trying to help me remember that??

Thankful that God works in amazing ways! Life is really great right now, but I ALWAYS need to remember that His love for me is beyond anything I can ever imagine!

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JD said...

On days like today, Easter Sunday, His love for me overwhelms me even more...

Thinking of you today, miss you!!