Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday Pics

Hello!! Just some random pics from Sunday. The kids were dressed for church and they looked too cute together. SO, of course, I had to get out the camera. Li'l guy's sweater was a Christmas gift from Grammy and Pappy and he loved it. He wouldn't even take it off for lunch or dinner (so we really had to watch him to make sure he didn't get his sleeves in anything. . .I think he may have picked up some mashed potatoes though). After church it was time for the Bear's game, so I checked to see if Abby's Urlacher jersey still fit (it's a 12 month and it fit her last February, so I wasn't too optimistic). BUT, alas, it did fit (tightly, but we must show off the belly anyway). She didn't cheer too long since she fell asleep by the middle of the 1st quarter, but I'm sure she was cheering them on in her sleep. :)
Here's a couple pics of Abby and Caleb showing off on the rocking horse. Abby gets stuck and can't get off the horse, so li'l Caleb will come over and lift her left for her (such a nice, helpful brother).

Then, here is Daddy's attempt at making Abby a Lion's fan. . .Mommy says no lions, no tigers, just Bears. I think I'll be overruled though. . .
Abby likes to climb up into Caleb's "Cars" chair (sometimes she'll get stuck and we'll have to come bail her out) and here she is showing off.Abby likes to be on Daddy's shoulders. . .it's pretty high up there. Then again, when Uncle Jon and Aunt Rhonda have their baby, he/she will probably have nosebleeds when Jon puts him/her on his shoulders. This isn't from Sunday, but I thought I'd show how li'l guy likes to ride the fire truck. Too bad Pappy isn't a fireman still so he could ride on a REAL fire truck.

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