Monday, December 17, 2007

The Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas!!
Instead of coming up with a Christmas letter to be printed, folded, added to the Christmas card, stuffed and sent, this year we decided to do the "Christmas Blog" instead. This year has been soooooo full of blessings, blessings in disguise, and things we just weren't (or still aren't) sure what to call. All in all, it was yet another full year in the life of the Worgi (that's plural for Worgess. . .too many "sssssss" otherwise).

There have been job issues, health issues (thankfully minor, just gross), emotional stress, and yet on the back end, everything seems so small. . .just a blip on the screen of 2007. As I look back over the year as a whole, there is soooooooooooo much to report, yet so little at the same time. We are still waiting on God for direction with Caleb's job, but He has been opening doors for Caleb/us little by little and we are trusting that one of these days, the door that opens will give more of a secure glimpse. We rest in the assurance that "my God will meet all [our] needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus." (Phil 4:19) We rest in that assurance because not only does God's word say he will, but WE'VE SO GREATLY experienced this in 2007!

So where are we today?? Well, for starters, Caleb is working on a contractor-type basis for the church we've been attending in Greenwood (about 25 miles from Shelbyville). He is helping them strengthen the small group ministry and working to train more leaders for more groups. Caleb is really enjoying the work and the opportunity provided him (see, just one way my God is meeting our needs. . .). Of course, one of the perks is that he drives right past a Starbucks on the way to work every morning (ugh!). Caleb also continues to be a wonderful father and a great help to me! Yes, the kids like him better, and he doesn't even have to bribe them (yet).

Little Caleb is getting to be more of a little man every day and he makes us laugh all the time. Earlier this year we were driving somewhere and he looked out the window and said, "that's daddy's coffee." Yes, we were driving by Starbucks. It has gone downhill from there. He knows Daddy's drink (sometimes better than the employees. . ."Campana Daddy!") and that he needs three raw sugars and a stir stick. I think we may have a future coffee snob on our hands (ugh, not another one!). He LOVES to sing, and he loves Michigan just like his daddy (grrr. . .Caleb even taught the li'l guy to say booooo when I said Wisconsin). He also has a great memory (yet another trait from his father) and still will say "There's Pappy!" everytime we see a Culver's (even though my parents sold the stores almost a year and a half ago).
Abby, Abbers, Abmaster, Chubb-a-gail, whatever we feel like calling her that day, is also growing up so fast!! She's walking all over the place now (pretty quickly too) but hasn't quite shaved off any of her belly yet. Caleb bought her a Michigan cheerleader outfit this fall, and after putting it on her, he wondered aloud if maybe we should have gotten her a football jersey instead. :) But she really did look very cute as a cheerleader. She also loves to climb into li'l Caleb's bed and read books (maybe she'll get ONE of mommy's traits??).

As for me, I'm still working for USG from home (yet another one of those blessings!). I travel up to Chicago every once in a while for meetings or just to have some face time in the office, but nothing too outrageous. It's nice to go up and be in the office for a day or two, get my fill of the city (and traffic. . .blick, don't miss that), and then head home again. Outside of work, I haven't had a ton of time to do much crafty stuff, but hey, I'm just not at the right stage right now. Until the kids are older and able to play more on their own (or even just stay out of mommy's craft supplies) I will have to keep my creative juices a little more holed up and just enjoy the time playing trains with li'l guy and dancing with baby girl.

Since 2007 was "the year of no babies" as I like to call it, I was actually able to use vacation as vacation!! No maternity leave necessary!! So, we spent a week in Floriday with my family and then Caleb and I were able to take a mini vacation on our own this fall. We went to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. . .AMAZING and HIGHLY recommended if you are looking for somewhere scenic! We had a wonderful time: went to the NASCAR race in Charlotte, then stayed at the Inn on Biltmore Estate for two nights and went horseback riding (yes, Caleb was on a horse!), took a bunch of little tours, and even took a Segway tour (very cool!!). Check out our nice "tourist" picture. . .yeah, we looked like twins/dorks, but that's ok. . .we were warm!

It was another whirlwind year for us, and while there are still so many unknowns about the future, we are looking forward to whatever may come our way!! We hope and pray that everyone would have a VERY Merry Christmas and enjoy spending time with their family, friends, and loved ones! I know we will!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Caleb, Shelli, Caleb, and Abby

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Larry and Debbie King said...

I found your blog while visiting at Shannon and Josh's fun to see all the updates! Your kids are adorable and getting so big, although we weren't too surprised since we keep up with your folks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Kings