Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas - Part 2

On Saturday morning, we loaded up the van and headed north to see our families. First stop: Plainfield, IL at Chris and Em's house. We spent some great time with my aunt, uncle, and cousins that we only see once or twice a year, and we also made the trek Sunday morning over to Valpo, IN for the annual Ruge breakfast. Monday, Christmas Eve came and it was time for more presents! Boy were the kids happy! :)

Here's a picture of Abby showing off her new purse/wristlet from GG (great-grammy) and Gran-Pappy. She LOVED it! (ah. . .a child after my own heart!) It's a little hard to tell, but it's a Hello Kitty, and GG even put a dollar in it for her, and some M&Ms. . .what more does a girl need??? Abby just kept walking around with her little purse (and yes, she's carrying cheese. . .that came from the tub full of food Auntie Em and Uncle Chris gave her and li'l guy. . .yes another HUGE hit!) and was happy as a clam.

Then there's a picture of li'l guy drooling over his new train table from Grammy and Pappy. He wanted to set it up right away, but we had to get it home somehow, and a fully assembled train table would NOT have fit in the van (ok, so I still don't like the "minivan" but I do like the convenience. . .). He got a couple train sets this year, so added to the one he already had, we'll put that train table to good use! He and Pappy spent the rest of the evening laying on the floor playing with the trains and the "crash" cars. It's difficult to say who had more fun. . .li'l guy or Pappy. :)

We don't have a ton of pictures of Christmas on the Ruge side since our camera ran out of juice (oops). But, I know my parents took a lot of great pictures so hopefully I'll get some of those (hint, hint, please send me some??). Here's a cute picture of Abby. . .Grammy and Pappy got her the Minnie Mouse ears, but she thought she'd rather chew on them than wear them. I think we got a cute picture of Grammy wearing them with their camera though. . .Marissa had gotten Abby a doll and stroller, and she looked too cute pushing it around the kitchen (actually, she preferred to push "Snicks" her new golden-doodle stuffed animal). Of course, that was AFTER our camera went to sleep.

Thank you so much to Grammy, Pappy, Uncle Chris and Auntie Em, GG and Gran-Pappy, and Kerry, Rich and Marissa for all the wonderful gifts! I wish I had more pics to share. . .but, there are more for Christmas part 3!

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