Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas - Part 1

Well, it's been a flurry of a few days, and the illness going through the family put a slight damper on things, but all in all it was a wonderful Christmas!! It started with just the four of us on Friday night and the kids opened their presents from Caleb and me. Here's picture of the li'l guy trying to show mommy what he opened. . .he didn't quite get that he was supposed to turn it around first (and not hold it in front of his head). :) Then here's Abby with her new doll "Abby Cadabby" from Sesame Street. For those of you that are not big Sesame Street fans, she is the best friend of Elmo (fitting, don't you think??). :) Yes, I still have all my Elmos. . .
Obviously there were some other gifts, but there will be many more pics to come in part 2 and part 3. . .stay tuned.

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