Sunday, December 2, 2007

We're in the 21st Century!!

Well, I finally did it. . .I've launched us into the 21st century and started a blog. Will we do anything with it?? Who knows! But, it's started at least.

Welcome to the Worgess Family page! If you follow this, I'm sure you will see TONS of pictures of the kids and loads of fun stuff about the kids because, let's face it, once you have children, no one really cares much about the adults (it's ok, we're totally fine with that!) :) I'm sure there will be tidbits here and there about me and Caleb as well, but you might have to hunt for them. Hmmm. . .maybe I'll post some totally random thoughts here and there (wait, I do that normally in regular speech. . .). And speaking of random, here's the quote of the day from li'l Caleb. . ."Put your shoes on, Potato!" (said while playing with his Mr. Potato-Head). Kids say the darndest things!

Ok, so while I learn how to use this thing, the blog will be fairly sparse. . .but with my wonderful husband's assistance, I'm sure I'll figure it out. So, here goes nothing. . .
Pappy and Abby, and Daddy and li'l guy enjoyed the slide at the Children's Museum in Indy.
We finally got out the decorations for Christmas, and now Abby has a new friend. She likes to give Elmo hugs.
Here's a pic of Caleb and Abby before church. . .li'l guy wasn't quite ready yet (although I'm sure he would have loved to go in his Micky Mouse jammies).

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The Nordgren Family said...

Thanks for starting this blog, Shelli! Hope you keep up with it regularly - we'd love to see more pictures of your adorable kids more often! :)