Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Mr. Frostyhead?

Ok, so last night was the first snowfall of the season here (yes, we are only about 3 hours south of Chicago, but our weather really is quite different sometimes) and the kids got to go outside and play in the snow with Grammy and Pappy. Here's Miss Abby, the Pink Abominable (sp?) Snowgirl. . .ready for the cold! She loved it! The poor thing was about as bundled as the kid from "The Christmas Story" minus the scarf.

Then came li'l lumberjack Caleb. His earflap hat still fits from last year (yeah!!) and he also had a great time out in the snow. He was so excited to put his snowboots and snowpants on. He didn't do much though. . .just walked around the backyard. Earlier in the morning he had been standing at the sliding glass door and Caleb threw a snowball at the window (gently of course) so when li'l Caleb was outside he thought he needed to try to throw a snowball too. . .didn't work so well.

Abby enjoyed some fun in the sled. Basically, she just sat there like the queen while her minions (aka Grammy and Pappy) pulled her around the yard. Yup, she loved every minute of it. At one point she was sticking her tongue out trying to catch some snowflakes. Too cute.

And then, there was Mr. Frostyhead. Grammy and li'l guy decided to build a little snowman for the table on the back porch. Since no coal or carrot were to be found, we improvised (thanks to Grammy's creative thinking) and used Mr. Potatohead parts instead! :) This is the modern-era snowman. Unfortunately, he didn't last too long because li'l guy got a little toooooo excited and knocked him over. At least we had one good picture first.

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Leann said...

We've always said Abster thinks she's in she's the queen. She has her little, "I am queen you must bow to me," wave.