Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas - Part 3 "The Final Frontier"

The third and final Christmas stop was in Walnut, IL at Grandma and Papa Worgess' house. Yet more gifts and great time with family greeted us there. We arrived early Christmas afternoon, and Papa promptly proceeded to tell li'l Caleb that the biggest box under the tree was for him (great. . .and how are we supposed to fit THAT in the van??). :) But, the kids had to wait until later that night to open their goodies. Everyone but Pete and Hilary were able to make it, so it was quite the lively bunch! After dinner, it was finally time to get started. . .

Here's a picture of li'l Caleb opening his big box. . .it was a huge fire engine! He loves it!!! The ladder goes up and down and you can turn the lights and siren on too (actually, funny story, when we packed up to leave, this thing fit just perfectly in the very back on the van, but it shifted slightly and something kept hitting the "lights and siren" buttons, so Caleb was seeing these flashing red lights in his rear-view mirror. . .he kept thinking he was being pulled over. Ha ha ha!) That made me laugh. Fortunately, it has an on/off switch so we were able to not have to hear the screeching siren the next 5 hours. There was also a fireman's badge which li'l guy proudly displayed! :)

Abby's favorite present that night was her Dora chair. It's a foam chair, but she kept trying to make it a recliner. She'd sit down then lean way back and start rocking. Cracked us up. At one point, she had pulled it close to the couch and was trying to put her feet up on the couch too. She's so funny! She was definitely quite relaxed!

I guess I didn't have as many pics as I thought. . .there was quite a bit of action all night, so we were probably too distracted to take pictures. Thanks to Grandma and Papa, Uncle Pete and Aunt Hilary, Uncle Jon and Aunt Rhonda, and Ron, Joanne, and the girls for the great presents and the nice time with family! Hopefully Pete and Hilary will be able to join us next year.

Well, I have to say, I'm sort of glad to be done with Christmas. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can become overwhelming, and while I don't feel that I was overwhelmed, it's just nice to be done. And. . .now that we've celebrated the birth of our Saviour, we can anxiously await the celebration that HE IS RISEN! (3 months, and counting. . .)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just googling Joanne Knight Worgess and ran across your blogs. Would you happen to be related to her? I was roommates with Joanne at the New Tribes Bible School in Jackson MI in 1989 and then visited her in CA in 1990. I also knew Joel and heard about his accident. Joanne sent me picture of their daughter, Nicole. If you are related could you have her email me at ? Thanks!